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Security seals 120x50mm 100 pcs en

Seals on self-adhesive paper with digital printing: security seal 120x50mm 100 pcs. Seals are used to protect goods against opening or to mark goods once. An attempt to peel off is immediately visible, there is a clear trace of the label.

The labels have perforation, which makes it easy to detach individual items. Labels with permanent s2045N rubber adhesive with very good adhesion on a wide range of products for applications at low or high temperatures - guaranteeing that the seal will not peel off due to weather conditions.

Seals are perfect for securing goods, plastic bags, cartons, buckets and much more. The seal tears when you try to manipulate it.

size: 120x50mm | core: 40 mm |way of confection: roll | number of labels on a roll: 100 pcs

Technical parameters of the material:

  • raw material PRIMECOAT FSC paper
  • durable s2045N rubber adhesive with very good adhesion on a wide range of products
  • The adhesive complies with the European Food Directives: FDA 175.105 and German Recommendation XXI published by BfR.
  • The adhesive can be used in direct contact with a dry and moist, non-greasy food product.
  • weight 80g / m2
  • minimum application temperature: 0 * C usable temperature range: -40 * C to 70 * C
  • Polish product manufacturer MDlabels
  • Directions for use: degrease surfaces and clean before sticking press it to the substrate after sticking flat, slightly curved surfaces can be glued you can stick to the connection of elements the setting time of the adhesive is: 24 hours