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Self-adhesive labels on A4 sheets 105x148 1000 sheets

Self-adhesive label on an A4 sheet of 105x148mm - 4 labels on an A4 sheet, the package contains 1000 pcs

A4 sheets are made of high-quality self-adhesive paper with a high level of whiteness, provide legible printing and saturated colours.

Our self-adhesive labels adhere very well to the surface. Strong acrylic-based adhesive is resistant to high and low temperatures, making it completely safe for printing devices. The minimum temperature of the label application is 0 * C. Glue temperature resistance -20 * C to + 80 * C.

Stickers on an A4 sheet are suitable for laser, inkjet and copier printers. Stickers have white and matt surfaces, you can also write on them with pens, pencils or markers.

The label base has an overprint that facilitates the correct arrangement and orientation of the labels in the printer tray, thanks to which you can easily print the stickers.

The labels we offer are universal and multifunctional. The labels are widely used in the office, school, home or other occasions. Labels aresuitable for shipping labels, product and packaging markings, wrapping office materials such as binders, notebooks, folders, etc.


  • A4 sheet
  • Size of label 105x148mm
  • number of labels on a sheet: 4
  • number of labels in the package - 4000 pcs
  • material LASER COPY JET (material dedicated to the production of A4 sheets)
  • special acrylic glue adapted to laser printers printing in inkjet, laser and photocopier printers
  • perfect immediate fixing of ink and toner
  • minimum label application temperature 0 * C
  • adhesive temperature resistance -20 * C to + 80 * C
  • usability for 2 years while maintaining the storage conditions according to the FINAT standard (20-25 ° C; 40-50% RH)
  • adhesive approved for direct contact with food - meets the FDA 175.105
  • Polish product Manufacturer: MDlabels
  • dimension tolerance +/- 1%