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Labels stickers on black foil fi 47mm 100pcs

The offer includes black, blackboard stickers, size: fi 47 mm 100 pieces. Blackboard labels can be labeled with chalk or any type of chalk markers. The labels are made of high-quality, durable polypropylene film, which is waterproof, safe and non-toxic. After sticking, it can be used both in the refrigerator and in the dishwasher. Stickers can be cut to any shape and format on your own. Labels are a must-have - they are suitable for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, parties or weddings. Self-adhesive labels are perfect for organizing food in the kitchen. Stickers are perfect to jars, spices, jams, candy boxes, cans, cabinets, albums, folders, toy boxes and much more. Labels have got strong, permanent acrylic adhesive for general use. Labels stick perfectly to various surfaces, e.g. glass, plastic or metal.


  • size: fi 47mm core: 40 mm
  • way of confection - roll

  • number of labels on a roll - 100 pcs

  • matt black polypropylene film weight 85g / m2

  • permanent acrylic adhesive with very good adhesion on a wide range of substrates

  • minimum application temperature: + 5 * C usable temperature range: -20 * C to 80 * C

  • S692N glue can be safely approved for direct food use

  • Polish Producer: MDlabels